The Future of the Euro Truck Simulator 2!


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The Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most popular games worldwide. What’s about the future of this game? We were allowed to make an interview with the developers “SCS Software”.

Again and again new high-quality DLCs are published for this game. The next DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is just around the corner: “Bella Italia”. What are the highlights of this DLC?

With every DLC, that we develope, we collect experience. It was a sizeable challenge for us, to recreate Italy in this game. Italy has a very varied landscape and environment. For example there are different courses of the roads, many serpentines, desert-like landscapes, mountains and breath-taking bridges.

Are you in consideration, to publish more countries in DLCs, such as Portugal?

Sooner or later we want to recreate all Europe with DLCs. But we can’t say, in which order this happens. Nevertheless we have to attend, that you need the DLC “Vive La France”, when you will drive to Portugal or Spain. There we have to come up with ideas.

How many players play the American- and Euro Truck Simulator 2?

That’s a very difficult question, because there is a high dark figure of illigal downloads. On Steam the Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a very high number of sales. The American Truck Simulator is being sold pretty well. But the Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a larger fanbase than the American Truck Simulator, because for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 are a lot more DLCs and other contents available. The Community of the American Truck Simulator increase in size with every day. We hope it will continue, so that we can add some more content and expansions to this game, to boost those numbers of players of the American Truck Simulator across the world.

There are many wishes of the community, to get more realsim, like traffic jams or road checks on the streets. Is that possible?

About that we have already thought. For truckers it’s a part of the life to sit in traffic. Certainly we want to implement traffic jams, because they belong to it. It’s possible to let arise realistic traffic jams in this game. But the computers have to constitute a very high number of traffic cars. It would raise the Hardware requirements into a really higher level. We did like to implement traffic jams in this game. We are thinking about how to do it in the best way – we will give our best. We already thought about road checks too. These are also feasible, but in the eyes of us they aren’t appropriate in this game. Many players would tend, to overrun the policemen. It’s a truck simulation and not a action-game. Besides there are many underage players, who play this game.

SCS Software try, to implement traffic jams in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Your real SCS Software truck has a unique paintwork. Do you want to integrate this paintwork in the Euro Truck Simulator 2?

I’m bound to say, that the trucks are not from us. They are only lent. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 Trailer is our own.

Constantly the Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets new updates with partly many new and big features. Can you say us something abouth the next updates?

Of course, we develop American-and Euro truck simulator 2 constantly. The update 1.28 is still very recent. Therefore we can’t say something about the next updates for this games.

Since the Update 1.28 you can also drive Gigaliner in this game.

A big thank to “SCS Software” for this interview.

Dennis Pitz
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