Forum rules

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  • 1 area of application

For the use of the forum Gamesary forum of Gamesary teams (in the following “suppliers” called) are valid the following conditions.

The use of the forum is only allowed if you accept these terms of use as a user.


  • 2 registration, contract end and subject matter of the contract
  1. Condition for the use of the forum is the registration about the suitable online form. After the registration about the online form in the forum you get a confirmation email to the verification of your data sent with which you can confirm your registration by Mouseclick. With the activation of your account by the supplier, the free forums-contract of utilisation comes about (contract end).
  2. Subject matter of the contract is the free use of the functions of the forum as an online communication platform. Moreover an “account” with which you can put contributions and subjects in the forum is provided to you as a user.
  3. 3. There is basically no legal entitlement to connection or participation in the forum. It is worth the unlimited house right of the operator.
  4. Their forum account may be used only by yourselves. Also you are responsible as an owner of the account for the protection from his abuse. Hence, their access data are to be protected against the access of third. The use of brand-juridically protected words and Internet addresses as user name (pitching name) are not permitted.
  5. The supplier will try to offer the service very freely of interruption to the call. Also with all care down-times cannot be excluded in which the web servers on the basis of the technical or other problems which do not lie in the sphere of influence of the supplier (Are to blame third, higher power, attacks against the infrastructure by hackers etc.), on the Internet is not retrievable. The user recognises that a 100%th availability of the website is not to be realised technically.
  6. The supplier reserves himself the right to change contents and structure of the platform as well as the matching user interfaces and to extend if through this the purpose fulfilment of the contract closed with the user or not is not affected unimportant. The supplier will inform the users accordingly about the changes.
  7. Sense and the purpose of the forum is a „market directed in the public of the opinions“. Hence, a peaceful and deferential contact should be maintained among the users without insulting hostility.


  • 3 duties as a forum user
  1. As a user you undertake to check as a result this before the publication of your contributions and subjects whether this information contains which you would not like to publish. Their contributions and subjects can be grasped in searching machines and become accessable with it worldwide. A claim to deletion or correction of such searching machine entries towards the supplier is excluded.


  1. By the offence, in particular against the before called rules §3 paragraph 1 and 2, the supplier can cover regardless of a notice, also the following sanctions against the user
  2. The supplier is also entitled to close the access to the online platform to you as a user, if an enough suspicion insists that you have offended against these terms of use. They can turn away these measures if clears you the suspicion by presentation of suitable proofs at own expenses.
  3. Should third or other users take up the supplier because of possible legal offence which results a) from from you as a user to opposed contents and/or originates b) from the use of the services of the supplier from you as a user, undertake as a user, the supplier of any claims, including to compensation claims, to release and to substitute for the costs the supplier which originate to this because of the possible law breaking. The supplier is released in particular from the costs of the necessary legal defence. The supplier is entitled to demand an adequate advance for this of you as a user. As a user you are obliged to support the supplier after Faithfully and faith with information and documents with the legal defence towards third. All further rights as well as compensation claims of the supplier remain untouched. If you do not have to represent the possible law breaking as a user, the before called duties do not exist.
  • 4 transference of rights of use
  1. The copyright for your subjects and contributions, as far as these are urheberrechtsschutzfähig, remains basically with you as a user. They grant the right to the supplier, nevertheless, with setting of a subject or contribution to reproach with the subject or with the contribution permanently on his web pages. Besides, the supplier has the right to extinguish your subjects and contributions, to work on, to shift or to close.
  2. The before called rights of use also continue in case of a notice of the forum account.


  • 5 restriction of liability
  1. The supplier of the forum takes over no guarantee for the contents opposed in the forum, in particular not for their correctness, completeness and actuality.
  2. The supplier sticks for intention and coarse carelessness as well as by injury of an essential contract duty. Essential contract duties are those whose fulfilment generally only allows the proper realisation of the contract and may trust in their observance of the contracting partners regularly. The supplier sticks under limitation on substitute of the damage predictable with contract end typical for contract for such damages which are based on a slightly careless injury of essential contract duties by him or one of his legal representatives or fulfilment assistant. By slightly careless injury of accessory obligations which no essential contract duties are the supplier does not stick. The liability for the damages which fall in the protective area of a guarantee given by the supplier or assurance as well as